Pride & Groom

527 Lewis
Sheridan, WY 82801

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Full service pet salon.   We believe that every dog deserves quality  time with us.  Their comfort is our priority.  We use praise and never yell or man handle any dog in any situation.  When you book your appointment at Pride & Groom, you know who will be grooming your animal each and every time you come, as we are groomer specific.  Our services include ear cleaning, tooth brushing and nail trimming.  We cut all breeds to standard and will be happy to do special cuts as requested.  We can even do color!

April Graham   763-3413


What one client’s mom had to say….  “My  toy  poodle was always scared and shook uncontrollably when I took him to be groomed.  With April, he did not even shake and he never looked better!   She even painted his toenails green.”   Laura Russell

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