Over the Moon Boutique

(307) 673-4821

Business Description

We offer contemporary & fun pieces for women of all ages and are pleased to help you “pop” your everyday wardrobe or create a chic or perfectly-casual ensemble for any event! The boutique is THE place to go for accessories and features many name brand clothing, jewelry and handbag lines.
~~~~~~Featured Brands~~~~~~
Clothing: Yest, Democracy, Live A Little, Ethyl, Press, Jana, Whitewash,  Wooden Ships, Kersh, and more!
Denim: Jag, Liverpool, Ethyl & Democracy
Jewelry: Chamilia, Virgins, Saints, & Angels, BRIGHTON, Marian McKee, Rafia, LIzou and MORE!
Handbags: Latico, Atenti, Mosey, and more.
Body: Zents, Archipelago, Lepi de Provence, Hydra, Royal Apothic and adding new and different all the time.
Home Fragrance: Lafco NY, Vulospa, Archipelago

Mon~Thur: 10:00-5:30
Fri~Sat: 10-5:00

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