Just Computers

(307) 763-1416
303 S. Main St. - Ste. 202
Sheridan, WY 82801

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Full-service computer repair and sales center, for both PCs and MACs.  Just Computers has been in business since 1992. Since then our experience has given us a reputation that identifies us as the ones that do what it takes to get your computer fixed!  Our goal is to make your computer perform at its best. We use only the best components avaiable to keep you computer running better, longer.  We fix every computer type & brand, both PC and MAC.  Dell, Toshiba, IBM, Lenovo, Sony, HP, Compaq, etc. – we have the experience to get them running at their best.

If your computer is plagued with viruses and spyware, we can fix that too. We’ll also protect your system from future attacks with software that works – not just promising results, but delivering them.

We troubleshoot and repair laptops; not many people do. We do full service replacement of motherboards, components, and display screens – we repair the plug-in jack.  We’ll upgrade your memory, hard drive, cdrom, wifi, and video (to name a few). And, we’ll help you find replacement power supplys, cords, docking stations, and other accessories you need.

Our rates are simple: $50 / hour for labor plus parts and most computers can be fixed within one service hour. Computers cost enough as it is – repairing them shouldn’t have to be.

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Just Computers: Sheridan's most trusted and most complete computer center.

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