Big Horn Technologies

(307) 655-7600
30 Grinnell Plaza
Sheridan, WY 82801

Business Description

Big Horn Technologies is a locally owned and operated company providing a wide range of affordable I.T. Solutions. From virus removal to advanced business networking and cloud systems, BHT can provide you with reliable and knowledgeable I.T. soluions. At BHT we don’t “chase down” problems, we begin with ensuring the integrity of the system and then diagnose the task at hand.  We can fix broken cell phone and tablet screens as well.  No job is too big or too small.

In this day and age, we rely heavily on our computers and data systems. Lost time equals lost money and low efficiency. As a business owner, you can’t wait days for a technician to come and diagnose issues with your computer systems. As a business customer, you are our # 1 priority. You can count on us to be a pro-active and responsive I.T. solutions provider when your business needs us the most.

Business Location

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